Monday, November 1, 2010

Why You Should Expect Dirty Tricks

Just want to remind people of what the St. Louis Tea Party tried to pull during the vote on a 1/2 percent sales tax increase for public transportation back in April. John Burns mysteriously decided at the last minute to hold an anti-transit rally in Chesterfield and then claimed that the Chesterfield Mayor, who happened to be the leader of the pro-transit campaign, was "harrassing" the tea party:
Lt. Steven Lewis, spokesman for the Chesterfield police, said this morning that the department "does not allow anyone to stand at that intersection" for safety reasons.

Even Boy Scouts are barred, Lewis said, because the intersection is so prone to accidents. "It's not a political statement," Lewis said. "It's about safety."

Burns disagrees, and contended that the police action was tied to the fact that Chesterfield Mayor John Nations is chairman of the chief pro-Prop A group, Advance St. Louis. Nations, alleged Burns, "instructed the police to shut us down. We were not obstructing the view of any motorists. Not at all. What City Hall did was totally wrong."
John Burns is now employed by American Majority and is leading several efforts for the St. Louis tea party. Don't be surprised if they scream about some manufactured controversy early in the day tomorrow.

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  1. The most hated man in Florissant? Where is this scally wag?

    Also, you wouldn't happen to know where Congressman Clay is this afternoon? I tried visiting him at his CWE office this morning to wish him luck, but I guess he's at the other office in Jennings.

    On the way down to his office, I saw a car with Robyn Hamlin stickers all over it. This was while riding bus #95 (Kingshigway) through North St. Louis. Apparently, she must have her goons out today.