Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bush's Criteria

In his new book, George Bush describes thinking about selecting Jack Danforth as his running mate. Bush said Danforth was honest, ethical, forthright, and principled, but Cheney had more experience. So....Cheney:
"I was intrigued by Jack Danforth. An ordained minister, Jack was honest, ethical, and forthright. His voting record over three terms in the Senate was solid. He had earned my respect with his defense of Clarence Thomas during his Supreme Court confirmation hearing in 1991. He was a principled conservative who could also appeal across party lines. As a dividend, he might help carry Missouri, which would be a key battleground state.

"I thought seriously about offering the job to Danforth, but I found myself returning again and again to Dick Cheney. Dick's experience was more extensive and diverse than that of anyone else on my list."
It's hard to even imagine what those eight years would have been like if we had had an honest, ethical, forthright, and principled Vice President.


  1. I guess that's what an MBA will do for a person.

  2. We get an idea of what Bush thinks is "ethical," when we cites Danforth's defense of Clarance Thomas when he was accused of sexual harassment by Anita Hill.

  3. Then again, Jack Danforth didn't have the oil money that Dick Cheney brought to the campaign. The war we fought in Iraq was strictly for oil and they know that. I almost feel sick whenever I fill up my car knowing that this is the reason that people die. They die so that people can have cheap gas.