Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Democrats Have a Strong Bargaining Position

Democrats have power over something Republicans want. Republicans want the Bush tax breaks for billionaires to be renewed. That is who butters their bread. Republicans want the tax cuts for billionaires restored permanently. Democrats have said they might be open to do it temporarily. I'd say it shouldn't be done at all, at least for the wealthiest 2%. However, if Democrats wanted to compromise, they sure as hell should not do it before passing a budget that makes sure that necessities of government are taken care.

We need to make sure that Republicans work with Democrats to keep government functioning, then we can talk about their precious tax cuts.

1 comment:

  1. I hope there is a way to document all the Republicans are saying and doing now and in the future! If the Republicans try to hold our government hostage with a shutdown, then we need to be prepared to develop a case that shows every American that they are NOT for American citizens but only for Big Business/Big Banks/Wall Street and Big Pharma!