Monday, March 7, 2011

Gina Loudon On Birther Website: Middle Eastern Men *Want* to be Profiled

Gina Loudon used to blog on the disgraced Andrew Breitbart web sites. She apparently hasn't been lately (perhaps because of her feud with Dana Loesch?), and somehow managed to move down in the world of blogging credibility by now regularly blogging at World Net Daily, which is quite literally the online hub of birther conspiracy theories about President Obama. In her latest post, she claims that patriotic Middle Eastern men want to be profiled in order to spare petite white women like her from having to be inconvenienced for five minutes. In her words:
I am no threat and should never have been detained as a white, petite woman traveling with a child. Many patriotic, liberty-loving Middle Easterners I know would be happy to cooperate with profiling if it meant that generally speaking, the groping of those who simply don’t fit the profile came to an end.


  1. The original post by Louden is one of the most paranoid (she was detained because the TSA agent was offended by her conservative conversation????) and melodramatic (begging the TSA agents not to scare her 11 year old daughter? ) pieces of nonsense I've ever read. AND she managed to blame the Obama administration for this outrage.

  2. Gina (not really a doctor) Loudon is one of the most paranoid teabaggers out there. She is as shrill and misinformed as Palin. She clearly seeks validation and tries to find it by dropping names and trying to rub shoulders with those she aspires to be. Loudon has a radio show where she can be heard displaying her ignorance is like listening to a train wreck. Her self righteous indignation is amazing. What does her crooked former state politico do nowadays?
    Her ego runs amok.