Saturday, March 12, 2011

Dana Loesch Train Wreck on Real Time

Uh oh. Are people in the media going to start actually holding Dana Loesch accountable for the ridiculous claims she makes? On the "Overtime" segment of Real Time with Bill Maher, Loesch was asked about her earlier comment that negotiating with Kathleen Sebelius was like "negotiating with terrorists."

Loesch's response was to claim that she was "just joking:"

Now it seems to me that Think Progress probably made too big of a deal about her original comments, but on the other hand her claim that she was trying to be humorous was pretty clearly not true. You can listen to her comments here (after having to listen to Michelle Bachman ramble on for a bit), and, whatever was going on, she clearly wasn't trying to be funny when she said the terrorist line:

Interestingly, she also resorted to the fall back of "funny" after she was called out for complimenting Charlie Sheen on his "balls to the wall exceptionalism."

The reviews of Loesch were, to put it mildly, not kind (keep in mind that I'm actually leaving out the worst):

Perhaps sensing an unmitigated disaster, the right wing tried some immediate spin by using a carefully edited video to suggest that Dana Loesch "smaked down" Paul Begala. Of course, they edited it in a way that prevented us from seeing looks of incredulity at Loesch's idiotic comparison, but fortunately we have a Twitter response for that as well:

At this point, Loesch has said so many stupid things there's no way she'd have a legitimate media career if any of the msm organizations bothered to look into her history.

Update: Loesch, predictably, tries to claim that she's being criticized by "progressive men" in her Twitter feed. Actually, as can be seen above, it looks like the criticism is pretty evenly distributed between men and women. On the other hand, if you looked at her positive support, it was generally focused on her appearance and other weird stuff.


  1. She got smoked on REAL TIME, sad that I have to defend St. Louis because she hails from here...

  2. Love. My fave part was when Maher observed she must just want to be wrong about everything.

  3. The line that stood out for me was when Begala stated, and I paraphrase, 'Nobody at a tea party rally ever stood up and held their Medicare card to burn it refusing their socialized medicine' and all Dana did was had that 'deer in the headlights' look with no ability to come back on that fact he presented

  4. Dana Loesch's husband accepted tax credits for his recording/filming studio in St. Louis. Yet she claims she is opposed to such. Typical lying teabagger. She decribes this venture as their "family business".

  5. Loesch also said tax breaks do not contribute to the deficit.

  6. This lady is a total idiot. I am tired of her repeated teacher bashing. Put the blame where it belongs...on the PARENTS!