Wednesday, March 9, 2011

KMOX's Mark Reardon: Only Non-Whites Have Pattern of Mistakenly Blaming Police

Two days ago, tragedy struck in St. Louis as U.S, Marshall John Marshall was shot and killed while trying to serve an arrest warrant to a man in South St. Louis. Apparently, some neighbors were critical of the police after the incident, which seems remarkably insensitive and wrongheaded after a law enforcement official was killed. However, that is no justification for KMOX radio host Mark Reardon bringing race into the discussion:

I'm just not sure how completely clueless Reardon would have to be to actually believe this. Perhaps Reardon is not aware that not all white people are latte drinking radio show hosts who get paid to fly to Los Angeles to hang out with B-list celebrities. There actually are quite a few communities of white people who are extremely distrustful of law enforcement officials, to the point where they might wrongly blame them for doing their job. Reardon's suggestion that this is "not a white pattern," implying that this is a pattern that has something to do with race, is absurd and offensive.

Reardon got called out for his comments by fellow KMOX host Mike Kelley:

And here was Reardon's response:

It's quite amazing that Reardon tries to cover up his despicable statement by playing the "aww, shucks, I'm a working person" card. Meanwhile, he spends most of his time on Twitter attacking people who do work that's much more difficult than what he does (teachers, firefighters, etc.). No wonder the tea party likes this guy so much.

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  1. What's that guy's deal? I know lots of PEOPLE who are leery of anyone in a government or civil service position. It's definitely not a racial issue. It is unfortunate though, lots of people are working hard to keep our city safe and get pelted with hateful unearned flack. There are jerks in every profession, period. MOST people don't suck.