Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hoft and Loesch Mock Story of Muslim First Responder Killed in 9/11 Attacks

This week, House Republicans have been holding a witch hunt despicable hearings trying to demonize American Muslims.

Earlier today, Rep. Keith Ellison pushed back against these shameful hearings. Ellison told the story of NY paramedic Mohammed Salman Hamdani, who was killed in the attacks of 9/11. It's heartrending testimony and brings into sharp focus the disgusting nature of the right-wing attempts to paint all (or almost all) Muslims as "terrorists:'

Jonathon Capehart of the Washington Post wrote the following about the video:
You're emotionally dead if after watching the video you feel nothing, not even a pang of empathy, for Ellison.
Sadly, Dana Loesch and Jim Hoft of the St. Louis tea party are worse than "emotionally dead," because they didn't just feel nothing. They attacked and mocked Ellison for telling the story.

Here's what Hoft had to say about Ellison's testimony:
Apparently we’re not supposed to speak about the 16,921 Deadly Islamist Attacks since 9-11. Ever. If you do or if you try to link Islam to the thousands of murderous acts by radical Islamists… Then you’re an Islamaphobe
And Loesch featured Ellison's comments as part of her "Today in Stupidity" segment.

From what I've seen, there's no ambiguity about Loesch and Hoft's position on Islam. They are blatant Islamaphobes, and are quite upfront about thinking that Islam is evil.

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