Monday, March 28, 2011

Did Chip Wood "Forget" Or "Choose Not" To Pay His Website Bill?

Updated: See below.

Uh oh! We know that Republican County Assessor candidate Chip Wood didn't pay his property taxes. He first claimed that he didn't know about them, then he claimed that he chose not to pay them. But now it looks like he might not have paid the bill for his website either! Here's the screenshot from, which is apparently now suspended!

In stark contrast, the website of Jake Zimmerman, who does pay his taxes, is working just fine.

By the way, aside from this blog and Show Me Progress, no one has reported on Wood's blatantly conflicting statements. Naturally, the mainstream media completely missed it.

Update: Seems like the best answer is that Chip Wood forgot to pay, since his website is now back up. Nice of him to get around to paying his bills.

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