Thursday, March 31, 2011

Loesch Tries to Smear Planned Parenthood, Fails Miserably

Note to Big Journalism: Fact-checking is much easier if you have basic linguistic competence.

Dana Loesch tweeted the following earlier today:

That tweet went to a mind-bogglingly dumb blog post at Big Journalism demanding a retraction from Media Matters latest debunking of a b.s. right-wing talking point. The wingnuts were claiming that the president of Planned Parenthood Cecile Richards was lying when she said that Planned Parenthood provided access to mammograms because they called a few Planned Parenthood clinics that said they couldn't do mammograms at the facilities. In response, Media Matters wrote this:
FACT: Planned Parenthood Provides Access To Mammograms By Referring Patients To Locations That Perform The Service

Planned Parenthood Website: "A Staff Member At Your Local Planned Parenthood Health Center Can Discuss Breast Cancer, Breast Exams, And Breast Health With You And Help You Find The Services You Need."
To which Big Journalism brilliantly responded:
Providing "access" to mammograms is not the same as giving them.
Well, this would sure be a witty point by Big Journalism if Cecil Richards had claimed that Planned Parenthood gives mammograms. But her actual quote was:
If this bill would ever become law, millions of women in this country are going to lose their health care access, not to abortion basic family planning, mammograms..."
So her quote was that the provide access to mammograms, and they do provide access to mammograms, and Big Journalism's idiotic response is "but access to mammograms isn't the same a giving mammograms so she's lying." Truly astounding.


  1. Oh this is such horseshit. How is the claim that women will lose access to mammograms even remotely true when Planned Parenthood facilities don't perform them?

  2. Because you need referrals to get mammograms and Planned Parenthood is the sole point of access for many women. Nice try though.