Thursday, March 31, 2011

Even Conservatives Shocked With Loesch's Latest Distortions About Planned Parenthood

Yesterday, I detailed how Loesch's attempt to smear Planned Parenthood failed miserably. Today, she's still defending the post while demonstrating absolutely no comprehension of the word "access." In fact, her defense is so sad that she has had to threaten to block conservatives who have a basic understanding of reality and are calmly refuting her points.

Loesch started out by attacking Eric Boehlert without, of course, actually addressing the issue:

@SarahWW is a conservative on Twitter, who in fact doesn't even support federal funding of Planned Parenthood:

However, as she pointed out, Loesch was clearly distorting the truth:

Loesch's response was to flail around and continue distorting the truth:

This claim is false, as was noted yesterday: Cecile Richards clearly said that Planned Parenthood offers access to mammograms, not that they provide mammograms, on the clip that Loesch is referring to. So even conservative @SarahWW had to ask Loesch why the folks at Big Journalism can't make honest arguments for their positions rather than relying on dishonesty:

And since Loesch was losing the argument, badly I might add, she of course had to threaten to block Sarah with the feeble excuse that Sarah was "flooding her timeline:"

As I've stated many times, the problem with the astroturf leadership of the tea party is not that they're extremely conservative; it's that they don't even allow honest conversations to take place. If they don't like Planned Parenthood, then make an honest argument and let people decide for themselves based on the facts: don't just make up nonsense and threaten to block everyone who points out that it's nonsense. Loesch is so afraid of honest debate that she'll even threaten to block people who are just as conservative as she is, but still care about making sure they get the facts right.


  1. wow you found one conservative who disagrees in a nation of more than 300 million people and generalize to make ridiculously idiotic claims. great reporting here. MSNBC-worthy....

  2. The point isn't that I found "one conservative." It's that this conservative debunked Loesch with facts and, as soon as Loesch saw that she was on the losing end of an argument, she threatened to block the lady!

  3. Loesch is the last person to write something like "the biggest thing that matters with media is...fact checking". Of course, she may be right because it isn't on her fact-checking site of choice.

  4. Stop flooding my timeline" really means, "stop making my brain hurt by expecting me to make an argument based on logic and facts."