Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Gateway Pundit Outraged By Things He Did Less Than A Year Ago

Jim "Gateway Pundit" Hoft has naturally been looking for anything he can find to try to demonize the peaceful Wisconsin protesters whose rallies put the tea party to shame and showed the country what real grassroots looks like. Unfortunately for Hoft, however, most of the stuff he finds to be morally indignant about is stuff that he did last year.

First, Hoft was ranting about the left was "indoctrinating" children by teaching them chants against Scott Walker. Says Hoft:
Of course, the kids have no idea what they’re chanting about.
But apparently you're never too young to be taught to hate "evil leftists" since Hoft and other St. Louis tea partiers encouraged young children to throw boots at a picture of Congressman Russ Carnahan:

A little earlier, Hoft was outraged that Wisconsin Democrats protested at a Republican politician's home. Which seems to me like a reasonable criticism, except for the fact that Jim Hoft carried a coffin to Russ Carnahan's home the day after the health care reform bill passed, and after a week of saber rattling rhetoric from the St. Louis tea party (Bill Hennessy is speaking in the video, but Hoft is standing on the right side of the screen):

Hmmm, OK, so the tea party has young children participate in their actions, and they have no qualms about going to people's houses, but I guess there is one big difference between their behavior and that of the Wisconsin protesters. Namely, I haven't seen any evidence that the Wisconsin protesters have set fire to photos of Republicans. But that's exactly what the tea party and Hoft did last year (that's CNN contribute Dana Loesch's voice in the video, by the way):

So yeah, Hoft is morally outraged that the Wisconsin protesters are behaving better than he did. Figures.

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