Saturday, March 12, 2011

KSDK Rally Coverage

KSDK's coverage of the 4,000+ person Rally Against Corporate Greed earlier today in Kiener Plaza below the jump:

A couple thoughts: first, they seem to have adopted the right-wing frame of how to define "right to work for less" laws. I would describe it as people being allowed to try to get union benefits without joining the union. Second, considering that there were 4,300 people against right-to-work-for-less and one for it, they gave an awful lot of time to John Loudon. I don't think when they covered the tea party rallies they spent any time getting comments from people who disagreed. Regardless, next time there's a right-wing rally, KSDK better make sure to get a quote from any dissenter who shows up.

I did like the point about Republicans in the crowd who are considering switching their vote, though. I think people are finally starting to wake up to the GOP and tea party leadership agenda.

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