Friday, March 4, 2011


While we're on the topic of KMOV's terrible "reporting," I just had to point out my absolute all-time favor KMOV flop. This one isn't quite as important as their smear jobs on food-stamp recipients or university research, but it's just really funny and demonstrates the complete and utter collapse of modern TV news.

On the KMOV blog, Mark Schnyder wrote a "get off my lawn" post whining about the fact that Wash U students didn't have time to speak to him on their way to class:
I was across the street from the Washington University campus Wednesday morning carrying out my morning assignment: attempting to get thoughtful comments from students at Wash U regarding the upcoming appearance of Bristol Palin on their campus. You wouldn't believe how many student were late for class. I approached about a dozen seperate groups of students to get their opinion and almost all of them said, "Sorry, I'm late for class." A couple of them agreed to walk and talk with me but all the while I'm thinking, "wow, your parents are paying good money for you to go to Washington University and about 95% of my sample is late for class." This can't be good.
I know the area Schnyder is talking about, and his post is remarkably petty and ridiculous. He was trying to interview students on a road that is a direct path between the dorms and many classrooms, some of which I've taught in. Most students travel that road to get to their morning classes and, as is not surprising at all, they have no interest in waking up early to get to class 20 minutes early. But, generally speaking, they get to class on time. In fact, I'm frequently quite amazed at how seriously Wash U students take their classes, compared to other places I've been at.

It seems obvious to me that what the students were saying was, "If I talk to you, I will be late for class." But Schyder apparently couldn't handle the thought that students wanted to get to class on time rather than talk to him. He ended his post with this:
I can take the rejection but it's hard to stomach the idea of so many of our future leaders missing class.
Actually, it's pretty obvious, you can't take the rejection.

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