Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Tale of Two Rallies

Hotflash at Show Me Progress wrote yesterday about how the St. Louis Post-Dispatch shamefully ignored a 4,300+ person Rally Against Corporate Greed at Kiener Plaza in downtown St. Louis on Friday.

As a point of reference, compare this to a 500 person rally in downtown Clayton last April by the tea party. For the tea party rally:
  • The Post-Dispatch wrote a 600 word article about the rally.
  • The article was accompanies by a photograph.
  • The article contained absolutely no opposing voices or criticisms of the tea party, but instead just shared their unfiltered message.
On the other hand, for a rally with 4300 (8 times more) people who support the middle class we had:
  • No story.
  • No photographs.
  • Nothing.
It's becoming increasingly clear that the political reporting of the Post-Dispatch completely fails to fairly report on the issues that the citizens of St. Louis care about. One thing we can do is contact their political director Chistopher Ave ( ) and tell him to stop ignoring everyone to the left of Michelle Bachman. But the most important thing is that we need to start building our own media. We need our own people to cover, record, and photograph events, and our own ways of distributing the content. Relying on corporate media like Lee Enterprises will be a losing propositions in the long-term, and one only needs to glance at how they treat their workers to know that their loyalties lie far away from Joseph Pulitzer's.


  1. The Post Dispatch will not be allowed to hide under the wave of a tsunami if that is what thieir defense will be, because searching both Saturday and Sunday's papers, I found many local news stories covered, with photos, including Saturday's page 2 story, "$300,000 judgment over mortage ads". The fact that 4,300 people came to rally for the middle class and worker's rights in St. Louis on Friday had much broader implications for our area. This can only be seen as an intentional blackout by the St. Louis area's previously proud newspaper.

  2. Anyone who believes our media is liberal hasn't been paying attention. Great post, Adam!