Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Creepy Tea Party Tweets About Activist's Home

Apparently, carrying a coffin to Congressman Carnahan's home last year just wasn't quite creepy enough for the St. Louis Tea Party, as they now have taken up tweeting about where local activists live.

Chip Gerdes (@tookiew on Twitter), a Republican operative from Quincy, Illinois, started tweeting about where a local female organizer for Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment lives, making sure to use the term "DemRats," and Bill Hennessy and the St. Louis Tea Party quickly followed suit. Here are Gerdes obsessive tweets:

And here's Bill Hennessy and the official St. Louis Tea Party retweeting Tookie's claim about "rats."

In addition to calling liberal activists "rats" and obsessing about where they live, Gerdes also likes to suggest that liberals have "ticks," and that people who ride the trains "eat out of dumpters:'

Hmm, where have we heard that type of rhetoric before? This kind of dehumanizing rhetoric from the tea party and their ability to put aside all standards of decency when dealing with people they perceive as "the enemy" is seriously disturbing.


  1. I think it's absolutely hilarious that the right has latched onto this mantra that the WI protesters are unhygienic "dumpster critters". It's hilarious because anyone with half a brain or a semblance of honesty understands the gravity of the situation: it's war. It's disingenuous to suggest that smelling like a spring rain for your tea-partying transit co-riders should be a priority when your in battle. They know all this, of course, but when all you've got is "Yeah, well you're ugly!" I suppose all you can do is yell it over and over and over again.

  2. The insanity of the right is striking and terrifying. The protestors in Wisconsin are ordinary people, and this movement is coming to their state as well...vilify the workers, the people who educate their children, take care of their public services, make their towns livable...vilify them and create fake budget crises so that you can send tax money to the very very very wealthy corporations who got the GOP elected via Citizens United, the worst SC decision ever. Watch Governors jump on Snyder's bandwagon and create more 'emergency financial managers' to take over YOUR state as they are in Michigan. Are they aware that MY GOVERNOR now has the power to throw out our elected officials, set up his appointed man as King, and dissolve any contracts legally entered into in my district? Does that sound like "small government?' Does that sound like 'democracy?' No, it is Koch control of Americans, and it should terrify everyone who claims to love this country...on both sides.