Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Looks Like Dana Loesch And Jim Hoft Owe Eric Boehlert An Apology

Dana Loesch and Jim Gateway Pundit Hoft both got the vapors in recent days claiming that Media Matters Senior Fellow Eric Boehlert was "laughing at a Fox News reporter getting assaulted." First of all, they both took Boehlert's quotes out of context, since he actually made clear both in the interview they cite and online that it's not OK to hit reporters:
no one should be hitting any reporters or anything like that.
What Boehlert was laughing at was the fact that Fox was acting surprised that pro-union protesters might not like Fox after weeks (or arguably years) of dishonest anti-union reporting.

But second, and far more hilariously, is that a new video appears to show that the Fox News reporter Mike Tobin was lying when he claimed he was punched in the arm by protesters. He actually got the "shoulder tap of death" after he pushed a protester's hand away:

So I guess we can expect Loesch and Hoft to admit they were wrong and apologize to Boehlert any time now, just as any rational person would....

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