Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hattie Jackson for STLCC Trustee

A note from friend and community leader Martin Rafanan:
I've known Hattie and Ron Jackson for years. They are progressive, focused on inclusion of all, and they have been stalwart leaders in the "achievement gap" movement and support of public and community education. I have worked with Hattie, who has been an administrator at St. Louis Community College (STLCC) for years. She is a great person whose grace and leadership under fire is well-known throughout the St. Louis community. She is fair and brings tremendous judgment to challenging issues because she has lived these issues as a parent of three successful public school graduates, as a successful administrator at STLCC and as a community advocate on education issues (leader of Achievement Gap work and supporting public and community education).

With her husband, Ron Jackson (recently retired from Vision for Children at Risk - community appreciation for Ron is scheduled for Monday, 3/28, 4-7pm at Vision for Children at Risk) who was a member of the Board of SLPS for many years, Hattie has been in the forefront of fighting for the education of ALL of our children and for inexpensive, accessible college education for all. Both have also been in the forefront of fighting bias, bigotry and racism throughout our community, working for inclusion and fair, equitable access for all.

If you want a leader who really cares about education and about our community's children, young adults and more mature learners, you need look no further than Hattie Jackson.

To learn more about her campaign and get involved, click here.

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