Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ed Martin Sends "Even Lies Are Free Speech" Sharp Elbows to Harass Carnahan in the Streets

Earlier in the year Ed Martin's friends in the tea party organized a rally outside of Russ Carnahan's office where they punched, threw shoes at, and burned a photo of Representative Russ Carnahan with blood dripping down his mouth. Ed Martin spoke approvingly of the rally, linking to a video where his own campaigner was throwing shoes at the photo of Caranahan. The next day, Ed's tea party friends carried a coffin to Representative Carnahan's personal residence. Now Ed Martin is sending his favorite tea partier to scream childish insults at Russ Carnahan whenever he goes out to a public event.

If you haven't heard of Adam Sharp, or Sharp Elbows, as he likes to call himself, here's a little background from a post I wrote back in August of last year:
  • He directly and knowingly violated police orders to "move back" outside of a Carnahan Town Hall (see bottom of the post).
  • He snuck into a press conference on private property, then asked a question "as a citizen" when the moderator clearly stated that they wanted questions from the press. While he was there, he argued against the answers experts were providing to media questions, including interrupting a pastor in attendence.
  • He was a distraction and a disturbance at the McCaskill Town Hall in Hillsboro, yet still whined about being persecuted.
  • And, in general, he runs around events trying to secretly capture people on film when they're not aware of him filming, then selectively edits their comments to make them look bad.

  • Unfortunately, since that time, Sharp's behavior has gotten even more obnoxious:

  • He snuck into the opening of the OFA office and then wrote a blog post arguing with an 8-year old's drawing about Obama.
  • He freaked out that Congressman Keith Ellison came to St. Louis for a Carnahan fundraiser, claiming that it was "against Missouri values," because Ellison is Muslim.
  • He went out of his way to make fun of veterans who showed up at a tea party rally.
  • He then got into an argument with a different veteran after Sharp attempted to go to a MoveOn Rally and misrepresent the protesters message. Said Sharp: "Even lies are free speech."
  • He warned his readers to "Keep your eyes on those moonbat neighbors of yours."
  • He lied about Congressman Phil Hare to get on Fox News.
  • He wrote a post claiming he was going to "personally demonstrate" teabagging on President Obama.

    And worst of all, in my mind, is when he crashed a rally that was being held in honor of Melanie Shouse, an amazingly brave activist who spend the last several years of her life fighting for health care even after being diagnosed with breast cancer. Sharp crashed the rally disguised in an SEIU shirt (he actually hates SEIU), being completely disrespectful of participants who were there to honor their friend, then harassed reporter Charles Jaco and tried to bait Jaco into pushing him. And then, Sharp had the nerve to try to press charges against Jaco for brushing up against him! This behavior was enough to get Sharp the Ass Clown of the Week award from readers at the Riverfront Times.

    So naturally Ed Martin, political opportunist that he is, is happy to use Sharp's tactics to try to harass and attack Congressman Carnahan. Sharp has been following Representative Carnahan around in public places and yelling insults at him, then whining about how he's doesn't understand why Representative Carnahan won't speak with him (ummm, maybe because you've been stalking him for the past four months?). Here is the latest from Sharp outside of the Tivoli where Congressman Carnahan discussed public transportation:

    (By the way, the issue of the "ethics charge" that Sharp referred to is cleared up pretty well in this article).

    Naturally, Ed Martin promoted Sharp's video, but what was really interesting is that Martin made it sounds as if he didn't know Sharp, referring to him simply as "a constituent:"

    In fact, Martin knows Sharp very well. Sharp has interviewed Martin several times. After Sharp lied to a Carnahan staffer and tried to bully her, Martin tweeted approvingly:

    Sharp had to rescue Martin at a townhall when Martin wouldn't correct a guy spouting birth certificate conspiracy theories. And of course the two interact frequently on facebook:

    So Martin and Sharp are working together to try to use cheap tactics to attack Russ Carnahan and anyone else who stands in their way. Sharp's motto is "Even lies are free speech." I guess that means the Ed Martins motto is "even lies are political opportunities." The two are perfect for each other.

    1. Using the Nazi playbook to good effect there, Ed. The only thing missing is the brown shirt. When does the beer putsch start? Would I need an invite? Still, I must say, in all fairness, I am finding Mr. Obama to be as reprehensible as Bush. The sloppy BJ he's giving BP over the Gulf catastrophe is only the latest of his depredations on our Country and Constitution. Not to mention he's still stuck on "drill, baby, drill". Panderer-in-Chief.

    2. So, when does Herr Sharp accuse you of "intellectual theft" for embedding that vid from

      And how long before one of these "patriots" cross-posts to another blog, in an attempt to distance themselves from their own behavior? Or even have another blogger defend them?

      I give it 12 hours (from your 4:50 am posting).

    3. Thank you for putting all this info together. You are doing a great job keeping the light on this slimy behavior.

      Martin and Sharp seem to be pulling their ethics and actions from the junior high school playback for student council elections -- harassment, lies and misrepresentations.