Thursday, May 13, 2010

Shameful! Ed Martin Touts Endorsement from Racist AZ Sheriff

Ed Martin is now bragging about an endorsement from Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, known nationally for his endorsement of racial profiling, for his support from neo-Nazis, for the deplorable conditions of his jails, and for his willingness to abuse power to terrorize political critics.

I believe the first person to report on this is Clark at Show Me Progress.

Sean at FiredUp Missouri and Chad Garrison at The Riverfront Times both add a lot of disturbing details about Arpaio's background (you can see the photo where Arpaio poses with a neo-Nazi at the RFT site).



  1. I hope Ed still has that theatrical coffin stored in the garage. Sheriff Joe is just another nail to help bury Ed's integrity.

  2. Ooooh, that comment is hereby nominated for Best of the Year 2010! LOL.

  3. Thanks, Adam, but it's still only May. There are still 231 days left. That leaves more than enough time for Ed and/or the Tea Party community organizers (damn, I love calling them that) to provide material.