Thursday, May 27, 2010

St. Louis Blog Posts for Progressives - May 27

In an effort to better connect the St. Louis blogosphere and to familiarize people with it, I'm sharing some of my favorite posts from locals for today. Please check out the sites and feel free to add your own recommendations in the comments.

Environment/Animal Welfare:
Ripper McCord at Talking Points Memo suggests we bring in the expertise of NASA for the BP oil spill catastrophe.
Chad Garrison at the RFT reports on the failure of St Louis City to provide adequate facilities for their animal shelter.
Eric Vieth at Dangerous Intersections explains how to use and save electricity.
Tom Shout, who was involved with Citizens for Modern Transit for 22 years, is leaving as a champion after St. Louis at long last has stable funding for public transportation.
Charles Jaco speaks with Rick Outzen about the oil spill.

St. Louis City:
Robin Wright Jones discussed the McEagle project with Sal Martinez on her Monday radio show.
Matt is fired up about the City to River project to connect downtown to the river at STL Dotage and so is Alex at Urban STL.

Health Care:
Polls are showing that people's opinions about the health care reform bill that was passed are getting more positive. So naturally Roy Blunt is trying to say, "wait, wait, don't you see how oppressed you secretly are?!"

State Politics:
Chad Garrison at the RFT reports on the FAILure of the right-wing effort to mess with Missouri's court system(although he didn't put it that way). By the way, did I mention HAHAHAHA!
The St. Louis American discusses the St. Louis/Missouri dynamic in the appointment of a new head of the board of police commissioners.
Speaking of that awkward dynamic, the Tour of Missouri has been officially cancelled.
As reported in the Beacon, NARAL announced it's primary endorsements for MO races today.
For more Missouri political news, go to FiredUp Missouri's MO Headlines.

Miswestern Vegan discussed making Kale chips.
Gloria at Occasional Planet discusses how the federal government have changed their hiring processes.
Catch a podcast of Stephene Russell discussing her interview with local blogging standout Shark Fu.
Charles Jaco speaks with Chad Watson about the Wounded Warrior Program.
Patrick Powers offers 10 Tips on live tweeting an event.
In the Beacon, the Lewis and Clark tower gives bird's eye view of the Confluence.

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