Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Milestone

After several months of hard work and research, this blog has reached a new milestone: I have now been implicated in one of the tea party's Massive Government Conspiracy Theories. Here's what Bill Hennessy wrote yesterday:
Dana Loesch and 24th State have revealed the ring of corruption that extends from St. Louis bloggers and local St. Louis leftist rag, through SEIU, to Media Matters and Huffington Post.
Hennessy's quote is referring to all of the groups and organizations he thinks are involved in a giant "cover-up," regarding the Gladney incident on August 6. If you want a full refresher on the event click here, but I can also provide a short summary: the tea party originally claimed that there was video showing that SEIU "thugs" had beaten up merchandise seller Kenneth Gladney. After it became obvious that there in fact was no video evidence of the "beating" they claimed happened, they then shifted their story. Now they say they have secret evidence that proves that Gladney was beaten. They won't show it to you, but if you don't believe them you're racist.

Because Media Matters is one of those strange organizations that actually requires evidence before they blindly accept tea party stories, and because SEIU has donated money to Media Matters, they are therefore involved in a Massive Conspiracy according to Loesch and Hennessy. And because someone who has written blog posts for the Huffington Post was at a rally for McCowan, they are part of the Massive Conspiracy as well. In fact, the full tea party conspiracy theory about this event involves everyone from President Obama to the local dogcatcher (literally), and is so complicated it could only truly be understood with a Glenn Beck chalkboard session. But never before had I been implicated in it! Since I'm the only "St. Louis blogger" who's even been writing about this issue, Bill Hennessy now clearly thinks that I am part of this massive conspiracy. He must have read my tweet from two days ago:

Sadly, being the weak-kneed leftist that the tea party all suspected, naturally I also broke down and ratted out my fellow conspirators:

What's especially awesome is that even after I mocked the tea party's conspiracy theories, Hennessy was still courageous enough to further expand the people implicated in them. I think that the number of people involved in this secret coverup now equals at least 51% of the population. Anyway, great to finally get my acknowledgment as a cog in the massive conspiracy.


  1. HAHAHAHAHA! Oh, man, I love this: "Sadly, being the weak-kneed leftist that the tea party all suspected, naturally I also broke down and ratted out my fellow conspirators..."

    You snitch!

  2. Cheers, Here is to "Making It". Thanks for your tireless work.

  3. I should hope so, Adam! You've work so hard to conspire - one would wonder why it took so long, really, to get the credit you so richly deserve.

    Keep conspiring, because otherwise, they might not have anything to talk about.

  4. Methinks an introduction to Occam's Razor could help with Mr. Hennessey's peculiar brand of paranoia. Then again, maybe not...

  5. Oh, no, I've been exposed! :-O

    LOL. Good job, Adam, and congrats. :-)

  6. How do I get my name on that list? If you're going to play "King Rat" (sorry, I watched that on tv last night/this morning) I feel the need to be outed also. After all, I outed myself years ago in "The Leader" as a liberal, much to Dana's enjoyment, I'm sure. Since then, we've had to occasional one-sided discussions.

    So, Adam, please out me, too! I can add co-conspirator to my life's résumé.

  7. Include me please, as I sat behind Rev. McGowan at the townhall on aging as a tea party member sat next to me, wearing a hospital mask across his face, badgering Mc Gowan thru out the townhall as he (the tea partier) and others disrupted the assembly. This same individual was texting thru out the townhall. Hindsight suggests the McGowan and his friend were targeted before they even left the building. And I'm not afraid to say my name is Teri Powers and I am a registered Democrat because I support Democratic values and despise what the GOP and Tea Party are doing.