Monday, May 24, 2010

Ruh Roh! Did Ed Martin's Favorite Sheriff Misuse 50 MILLION Dollars?

KHPO reports:
CBS 5 obtained some new information about how much money the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors said Maricopa County Sheriff Joe may have misused.

Arpaio's attorneys said the board has a vendetta against the sheriff, but if the information in the in court documents is true, $50 million could have been misused.
Remember how former Matt Blunt Chief of Staff and current congressional candidate Ed Martin was bragging about getting Arpaio's endorsement just a few weeks ago? The story continues:
According to those documents, MCSO's Chief Financial Officer, Loretta Barkell, provided information showing nearly $500,000 of misspending in just a two-week period.

That money, according to court records, came mostly from voter-created and restricted funds.

If that's true, the board said it doesn't see any reason that would be the first time funds were misused.

It said one of Arpaio's lawyers suggested the misspending started in 2006.
I think I'm finally beginning to see why Ed Martin was so excited about the endorsement. Now he can tell people, "Hey folks, I told you that 2.4 million dollars in hard-working taxpayer's money that I wasted by improperly firing a whistleblower wasn't really a big deal! My friends blow money like that all the time!"

h/t to Julie Gulden at Daily Kos.

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