Sunday, May 30, 2010

Ed Martin Graduates from Center for Citizen Journalists Who Don't Read Good

Apparently, Ed Martin is taking lessons from the St. Louis tea party on how to do the shameless hackery they call "citizen journalism." In one of the most ridiculous blog posts I've read in a while (and trust me, I read some bad ones), Ed Martin ranted about Mexican President Calderon's speech to Congress and asked, "Where was Russ Carnahan when Mexico's President Slapped America in Her Face?" Then, executing a move of "citizen journalism" so absurd that only Dana Loesch could have appreciated it, Martin presented the following picture:

Where to start with this one? First of all, only far right extremists could possibly think Calderon "slapped America in her face." He simply offered criticism of Arizona's law, and pointed out what many in America have said: the law allows racial profiling by allowing police to pull over people for suspicion of not carrying the appropriate papers. In fact, the law encourages such profiling because it allows people to sue police departments if they think they're not enforcing the law strongly enough. So Calderon criticizing a law that he disagrees with is hardly a "slap in the face."

But what really irks me is that ridiculous photo. Is Ed Martin serious? Posting a blurry photo and then saying, "Is that Carnahan?" Martin must have just felt like ranting and then came up with the most pathetic attempt ever at trying to link his rant back to Carnahan. I think even Glenn Beck has higher standards of journalism than that.

All of which leads me to a very important question:

Just asking questions, folks. Ed Martin and I: we're just asking questions.


  1. Citizen journalists.. Do normal, paid journalists transcend citizenship? I don't understand.

  2. As Ed Martin, the king of nuisance law suits, about his attempts to slander and discredit Scott Eckersley, "It's such a silly circus." Yes, Ed Martin is a clown, but not the happy, jolly kind, more like the clowns in scary movies. It would be a joke if he weren't so hateful.

    Teri Powers - registered Democrat - Congressman Carnahan Supporter

  3. Must admit--the clown outfit's a good one. What I'm noticing is that Martin's writers are starting to slip. Not that well-written or clever. That's a sign that the tank's running low. When that trend starts in a writing team or staff, it becomes a disease or something.
    Adam's right--Glen Beck DOES have better standards than the stuff Martin's been using to represent himself with.