Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Irony Abounds! Same Woman who Accused ACORN of Misusing Money is Criticizing Show Me Better Courts

Wish I had more time for analysis, but am on the run. Anyway, Josephine Perkins, quoted in yesterday's article about the Campaign for Liberty's Show Me Better Courts' alleged failure to pay petition gatherers, was also one of the key people criticizing ACORN a few years back regarding the Minimum Wage campaign. Here's the video:

I don't really know what to make of all this right now. Perkins is not the only person making allegations against Show Me Better Courts. In fact, Chris King at the St. Louis American had a really interesting story about two 10-13 year-olds gathering signatures for Show Me Better Courts telling people that they would get a new "air conditioners for their school" if they collected enough signatures. However, the school had just gotten updated ACs.
According to one Old North resident, proponents of a ballot petition to change the way judges are selected in parts of Missouri used adolescents to deceive the public when gathering the signatures the group needs to get its initiative on the ballot.

Graham Lane, a professor at St. Louis Community College–Meramec, said he was stopped between 4:30 and 5 p.m. on Thursday, April 29 at 13th Street and North Market, near his home, by two girls, both African-American. One, whose age he estimated at 10-13 years, approached him. When he responded, he said, the other, who “might have been a year or two older,” crossed the street.

He said the girl who approached him said they were students at Carr Lane School gathering signatures and, if they gathered enough, “somebody was going to give them air conditioners for their school.”

Read the whole thing here.

Update: Changed "Campaign for Liberty" in the 1st paragraph to "Show Me Better Courts," per a suggestion in the comments. It actually was just a mental slip on my part, not an effort to unfairly attack the Campaign for Liberty, so I'm glad the commenter caught it. However, I'm not exactly ready to endorse the commenter's enthusiasm for Campaign for Liberty given their willingness to label people in the city "looters."


  1. I'm not surprised that you are covering this, and I'm glad that you are

    Yesterday you led with "Kelly Owens" in the headline, establishing that you consider her an entity of recognition. I find THAT intersting.
    today you attribute this petition effort to "Campaign For Liberty" which is absolutely FALSE. Campaign For Liberty had absolutely no connection to this effort at all, here, or anywhere across the State.
    Ms. Owens, acting on her own, offered to Ms. Perkins, whom she had respect for, a "gig" which paid $5 a signature. period.
    Let me repeat...Campaign For Liberty was NOT CONNECTED to this story!!!!

    This hints at tabloid journalism, that "spill the beans" on the cover, but never back up the claims inside, once the rag has been purchased.
    Your calendar is fantastic, and hopefully, your goal, is TRUTH...
    You can do better...

    For you curious readers, Campaign For Liberty is the outgrowth of the Ron Paul campaign for President that most of you never heard about while it was happening. Please don't "associate" it unfairly.

    If you want to "condemn" a speech...
    listen to it first.

    caveat emptor

  2. Thanks for the correction about Campaign for Liberty: it was a mental slip on my part, and I've corrected it.

    However, Kelly Owens *was* involved in the controversy, and has been involved in other interesting events covered by this blog, so I really don't think it's that surprising that she would be mentioned in the headline. Many of the people who read this blog know who she is and would be interested in the story specifically for that reason.

  3. Adam,
    I like to think we are all fighting the good fight, and not "lieutenants" looking to be generals after the victory...( Hennessy, Loesch..on the right... you know better than I ... whom on the left.)
    You cite Mr. Carter, another member of C4L acting on his own, and use it to paint Campaign For Liberty, with a broad brush. If we use this math, the worst offender out there... is AAA... Triple A... because man... a lot of "perps" carry their card... not wanting to break down without assistance and all...
    'specially in "enemy" territory...
    Let's say that you looked at the five planks of Campaign For Liberty, and judged the Organization by that, first... as an ideal, and then judged it by the sanctioned actions of its body as the reality.
    The watered down "Audit the Fed" is a dissapointment to C4L, a fight we have waged for 16 months. Sadly, when S.E.I.U. had their demonstration in front of B.of A. last year in March, just blocks from the Fed, this concept could not be introduced into the agenda of the day. I tried.
    We are not opposites...
    but lieutenants gets their stars and cigars
    by making us appear so...

    Thank you for the correction
    and thank you for the time you spend

    Obviously, I benefit from some...of your work.

    If you need an adversary to win
    your fight is not noble
    and the beast is at peace.

    I'll see you in Hopeville...

  4. Fair enough. I'm glad you don't approve of the term "looters." But it does seem to me that since that event was created through the Campaign for Liberty Meetup Group, there should be some sort of public denouncement of that rhetoric by the local CFL, or at least some statement that the event does not represent the views of the group.

    If there was and I just missed it, please let me know.

  5. Oh, and I should add, thanks for your thoughtful and civil comments.

  6. Instead of "You're welcome"
    I feel compelled to say
    Thank you... right back.

    is one man's comment on "socialism"
    in C4L, when the suggestion is made
    that we are fighting "socialism"
    I am adamant ( no pun intended) to point out,
    that we are fighting corruption.
    social issues
    justice issues
    they all boil down to the selling of rights
    (In India, the right to water precludes catching rain)
    and how can you sell those rights
    unless you have the "guns" to back it up...
    be it militarized police
    red light cameras
    or tattle tale utility meters...
    food that glows
    G.E. that makes countries "glow"
    and dna shrivel...
    Statism...Empire... these require a man
    to relinquish his horse sense....
    the ability to be a good horse trader.

    What if
    all barter were not regulatory?
    If money, taxable money
    were a back up
    that government could only tax
    that product which it created
    which is
    "coin of the realm"

    again... I say
    we have a horse race....

    we have many points we can be strong on

    but the bricks
    and tar and feathers
    make every man

    I am born deep in this city
    I feel it
    I believe it...

    no one can take that away...
    no imported self important activist
    not even a death threatening crack head...

    seeya tomorrow?