Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dana Loesch Busted (short version)

If you'd like to read the long version, click here.

A few days ago, I criticized Dana Loesch for, among other things, falsely accusing County Counselor Patricia Reddington's office of not reviewing Kenneth Gladney's medical records before filing charges in the case. I had pointed out back in December that this was false as the hospital records had been sent over with the police report. Loesch wrote an angry response claiming that when she said "didn't access medical records," what she really meant was, "didn't access the full medical records." I didn't really buy her response, but that doesn't even matter now. Because it turns out that Loesch made statements that were even more clearly false and revealed the true meaning of her other claims. Loesch on Twitter:

Loesch on her blog:

In fact, the hospital records were precisely what the County Counselor's office did have. Her attempts at hiding behind a claim that "medical records" actually means "full medical records" are now irrelevant.

Dana Loesch used false information to smear County Counselor Patricia Reddington. She owes Reddington an apology and owes all of us a correction.

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