Wednesday, May 26, 2010

St. Louis Blog Posts for Progressives - May 26

St. Louis locals are writing about the environment, health care, peace, lgbt issues, St. Louis city pride, law and order, and a host of other interesting issues! It's time to check out the awesomeness of the St. Louis blogsophere. Here are a few of my favorites from today. Feel free to add your own in the comments.

Shark Fu at Angry Black Bitch weighs in on the FUBARness of the BP disaster.
Jo Mannies at the Beacon discusses how the BP Oil disaster is being discussed in the U.S. Senate race.
Eric at Dangerous Intersections discusses the problems with consumerism.
Tom Barker at the Post-Dispatch reports that local campuses are going green.

Health Care Reform:
Hotflash at Show Me Progress describes an incident where the insurance companies were hemming and hawing when asked tough questions. This includes the revelation that insurance companies gave employees time off to attend tea party events last year.
As FiredUp reports, the Columbia Tribune says that the healthcare vote in August is a "Waste of Time and Energy." Don't tell Jim Durbin!

St. Louis:
Alex Ihnen of UrbanSTL wrote a City Profile of St. Louis for the Urbanophile blog. Pretty cool!
Chad Garrison at the RFT writes about Bill Streeter's upcoming documentary about how the use of bricks has influenced St. Louis architecture.
Rick at STL Rising comes up with a pretty awesome method of measuring part of the impact of getting rid of I-70 in downtown St. Louis to better connect the downtown and river.

Nicholas Phillips at the RFT reports on a same-sex couple smooch-in at the City Garden as part of Harvey Milk Week. Bonus points for using the term "lamestream media."
Luella right here on the Activist Hub blog wrote about the role of agitation in activism for the 2nd installment of her series on Don't Ask Don't Tell.

Andy at the Peace Economy Project discusses the issues with using a defense bill full of wasteful spending to repeal Don't Ask Don't Tell.

State politics:
Sounds like the right-wing efforts to tamper with Missouri's nonpartisan court system have embarrassingly failed despite the massive amount of money they blew on the effort. Bwahahaha! Given some of the people who were involved, I can't say I'm surprised.
The Beacon reports that awesome State Senator Joan Bray has endorsed Barbara Fraser for her senate seat.
FiredUp issues a call for comment from all the people who talked about how sweet James O'Keefe was now that he's pled guilty to federal charges.James O'Keefe is worshiped as the future of all journalism by the St. Louis Tea Party.
Sean at FiredUp also calls out Peter Kinder on some of his deliberate misinformation.
Don't forget you can find all the MO Headlines about statewide politics you need at FiredUp's new MO Headlines site.

Law and Order
The RFT writes about Alderperson Shane Cohn's role in the proposal to decriminalize marijuana in St. Louis.

From the Beacon, Despite its own problems, Jennings church keeps on feeding the hungry.
Tim Barker at the Post-Dispatch reports that Downtown Information Technology business is growing.
Arthur Lieber at Occasional Planet discusses Steve Nash's gutsy performance of playing with one eye swollen shut.
Bill Streeter analyzes the films of the Maysles Brothers.

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