Monday, May 10, 2010

This Saturday: Transformation Project Walk

Trinity and Sheridan reiterate their demands for "We Demand"; Holy Trinity Catholic School students map their neighborhood in Hyde Park; Theaster Gates explains what "the Master plan" is about. This Saturday, 2010 Whitney Biennial winner Theaster Gates' exhibition will open as part of the "Transformation Project Walk," and Holy Trinity Catholic School will showcase related works by its students.

Over the past few weeks, I've notified all you activists of panel discussions at the Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts. These discussions sprung from the Transformation series and largely focused on how art can encourage social change. While all this discussing has been going on within the Ando building, the Pulitzer has been putting the panelists' ideas to the test by doing a lot of doing within the community.

This Saturday, the Pulitzer will host the Transformation Project Walk, a chain of exhibits, which represent the achievements of this spring's programs. Delights include refurbished furniture by Employment Connection clients, a display on sustainable design from Construction Careers Center, an exhibition of salvaged urban relics and blueprints for Hyde Park by children who live there. There will be a free shuttle service and a closing reception in the Pulitzer's courtyard. For a full description of the May 15 event, visit this page.

You may be wondering how these programs fit with the Pulitzer, which is essentially an art institution. In which case, listen to Director Matthias Waschek talk about the Pulitzer's mission as a "laboratory" in this video. In this video, Community Engagement Coordinator Lisa Harper Chang describes some of the rationale behind Transformation.

The Transformation Project Walk is an open event, but feel free to RSVP on Facebook.

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