Friday, December 18, 2009

Will Jim Durbin and Dana Loesch Apologize for Lying About Patricia Reddington?

Right-wing bloggers Jim Durbin and Dana Loesch (writing on Breitbart's Big Government site) have gone completely off the rocker in their allegations of massive conspiracy regarding the incident between Kenneth Gladney and Elston McCowan.  In addition to alleging, with no evidence whatsover, that this altercation was the result of a intimidation campaign ordered by the White House, SEIU, and Health Care for America Now, they have suggested that the only reason McCowan wasn't tried with a felony is because of a coverup at the local county prosecutor's office.  
In particular, both Durbin and Loesch have accused County Counselor Patricia Reddington of filing charges in the case without even looking at Kenneth Gladney's medical reports:
Redington's office never even looked at Gladney's medical records before downgrading charges.
St. Louis County Prosecutors watered-down the charges in the Kenneth Gladney case from a misdemeanor to an ordinance violation without so much as even calling St. John’s Hospital, where Gladney received treatment for his injuries, and checking Gladney’s hospital record or speaking with care providers on site.

Loesch and Durbin's claims are clearly intended to defame Redington, as they are accusing her of not doing her job for political reasons.  And their allegations are clearly false, as is admitted by even fellow right wing bloggers.  Here's Reboot Congress on a visit to Redington's office:
During our conversation with Redington, I asked when she had received Kenneth Gladney's medical records. I had read that his medical records had not been reviewed, yet I had heard on the radio that Redington's office had seen the records. She told me that she had received them with the police report. I was left with the impression that it is common practice for medical records to be submitted as evidence along with police reports.
In other words, Durbin and Loesch asserted both false and damaging claims as if they were facts, without even bothering to find out the truth.  And even since it was revealed that the office did see the medical reports, neither has had the common decency to admit that they falsely accused the County Counselor.  Of course, they live in a world where they simply invent conspiracy theories, slander everyone who disagrees with them, and then simply move on without a second thought when their wild-eyed theories are proven wrong.  That's how the right-wing media works, both on a local and national level.


  1. I love Dana's recent tweet implying that you don't understand the word libel. As if she's a lawyer and understands it better than you do. Beware of the "legal snafu" she's threatening you with! HA!

  2. She's a goddamned idiot who is more than welcome to bring her veiled threats of a libel suit to fruition with ME anytime. I would RELISH kicking her ass in court and making her pay my attorney fees.

    That is, of course, provided she could find an attorney irresponsible enough to file a suit with no merit.

    I'm sick and tired of her scare tactics...she really needs to stop assuming she's smarter than the rest of us.