Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tea Party Harrases Reporter and Participants at Rally for Melanie Shouse

St. Louis Tea Party representative Adam Sharp literally seems to believe that he is the most oppressed person in America. He continuously indulges in the most blatant unethical and obnoxious behavior, and then whines about how oppressed he was afterwards. A few weeks ago, he attended a pro-health care reform rally lying and trying to distort the protesters message, and then whined about how participants were "stiffling dissent" because they blocked his misleading sign. He snuck into the OFA office opening and then whined about a seven-year-olds drawing on the wall. And he spends all of his time trying to harrass progressives and then blames Obama for the fact that he didn't work more hours this year.

But yesterday takes the cake. Sharp dressed up in an SEIU jacket (again blatently lying to conceal his identity) to attend a rally honoring Melanie Shouse, the local health care activist who passed away from breast cancer. At a rally attended by many of Melanie's friends, Sharp spent his time harrasing participants and Fox2 News's Charles Jaco, who had recently run a special report on Melanie's life (tune in at 1:45 to see me ask Sharp about his skills at arguing with 7-year-old's drawings):

Yet, amazingly, Sharp again claims that he is the one being victimized. Only Adam Sharp would dishonor the life of a tireless activist, lie about his identity, and then pretend like other people are trying to oppress him. He literally is without shame or dignity.


  1. A new term needs to be invented for this behavior. For example, the term for "setting up an obviously weak position and debating that instead of the actual position of your opponent" is arguing against a "Straw man".

    The entire range of "dishonestly attacking an opponent and then whining about the manner in which you're being called out on it while issuing vague threats and simultaneously complaining that your rights are being violated in some way" tactics favored by Loesch and Sharp need a new term to describe them.

    Ideally it should involve farm animals and/or flatulence. Extra points for an obscure movie reference. "Acting like a whiny ass douche-bag" is just too vague.

    I propose that "being too stupid and insulated from the modern world to realize that you've named your protest movement after a sex act and whining about it when people start to make fun of you" be referred to as a "Reach-Around Claw-Back".

    And that "the act of feigning mock disgust and surprise at an idiot crying about the use of the term 'teabag'" will hereafter be known as "The Jaco".

  2. I saw that clown yesterday, and had I known who he was, I would have gotten in his ass myself. I saw someone giving him grief, and I thought it was strange then, but I understand now. What the hell a tea-party scumbag was doing at a memorial demonstration for Melanie, I don't understand. He's like that guy that hit ACORN, and dressed as a pimp. Now a tea-party nut dresses in a SEIU jacket and intrudes on what to most of us there was a solemn moment. It's probably a good thing I DIDN'T know who he really was.

  3. I was right! That guy was a poser!

    Their latest attacks are aimed at pointing out who is an Obama supporter. Specifically the comment made by some conservative groups about how whenever we, or a group like ours, show up in "Barack Obama T-shirts".

    The posers are pretty obvious. I wonder how the SEIU actually feels about how Adam Sharp is strutting around in a jacket with their logo on it. For someone who is so against the SEIU, purchasing the Jacket and wearing it says that he proudly supports the very thing he is against.

  4. They found the unabomber!

  5. "Tea-baggers are Walmart Hippies" David Brooks on the Colbert Report.

  6. In Honor of Melanie Shouse this guy has no life.