Friday, February 5, 2010

More links about Melanie-Updated

As I said in my previous post, I'm trying to keep track of the many posts and acknowledgements of health care activist Melanie Shouse, who passed away from breast cancer last week. There have been some nice stories added since Thursday:

Chad Garrison at the Riverfront Times reported on President Obama's acknowledgement of Melanie in a speech to the DNC.
The Post-Dispatch followed up on their previous story.
Jaelithe had a really touching tribute to Melanie at MOMocrats.
Gloria Ross wrote a fantastic obituary for the St. Louis Beacon.
The New York Times referred to Obama's speech on Melanie.
Blackwaterdog had a recommended diary on DailyKos about Melanie. and True Majority both sent out emails about Melanie, and have created a page where people can express their condolences.
The We Are the Ones Project had a great portrait of Melanie's life.
Finally, a new facebook group "No more health care deaths. In honor of Melanie Shouse" was created and has been growing fast.

Here's the video of President Obama referring to Melanie's story:

Update: Charles Jaco featured Melanie's story on the Jaco Report.

Please pass some of these links on and keep fighting for real health care reform.

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