Saturday, December 3, 2011

"Teaparty Cop" uses assault for political gain

 It seemed difficult for the St. Louis Teaparty to reach a new low but they never disappoint. I have to give them credit for maintaining their wingnuttery after the humiliation of a failed attempt to destroy a Baptist minister, the outrage of making  veiled threats against a U.S. Congressman or the shame anybody else would feel after teaching young children how to burn an effigy when motivated by hate and fear. The bar was set so low that it seemed impossible to slither under it again but, as everybody expected, they found a way.

 Thanks to St. Louis City Police Sgt. Gary Wiegert, we now know that the city police department feels no obligation to protect sexual assault victims. Recently Sgt. Wiegert explained to the victim, voters and concerned citizens alike that a recent assault was the result of Mayor Slay's leadership. Sgt.Wiegert's attempt to link the mayors decision to "back off" from arresting protesters to a daylight assault in a public park, shines a light on the contempt that he feels towards the protesters- protesters that apparently are not worthy of police protection. It is obvious that Sgt. Wiegert is attempting to serve as an unofficial spokesman for the city police despite any disclaimers; it is undeniable with blog posts titled "Tea party Cop Arrests Occupy Protesters".

 In addition to being a police officer Sgt. Wiegert is also a member of the St. Louis Teaparty. Actually calling him a member doesn't really explain his ties to the Teaparty. Teaparty lobbyist , Teaparty blogger or race-baiting Teaparty fanatic are actually better descriptions.

 Apparently all city issues are tied to local control in the eyes of the Teaparty. The connection between local control and every issue imaginable must be exposed- no matter how weak the link between the issues may be. The Teaparty is willing to use their voice to re-victimize an assault victim by claiming the existence of the occupy movement caused a terrible attack, even when the police failed to provide protection from outsiders. When the victim of the attack is a member of the movement blamed it is clear that this is another attack on the victim.

  We can only hope that the suspect gets a fair trial. We have to hope that police interference does not get in the way of administering justice. We must demand that the police don't embarrass the taxpayers anymore that they have already done.

 We are left dreaming that the Teaparty and police department show a little class in the future by considering the innocent victims before politically motivated finger pointing.    

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