Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Transphobic RFT Reporter Strikes Again

At the beginning of this year, I posted about the criminal insensitivity of Riverfront Times reporter Chad Garrison.  Now he is at it again with this transphobic blog post.*

"Shemale" is an offensive term often used to describe transgender people.  The term is most frequently used in porn that fetishizes trans bodies.  Please comment on Mr. Garrison's post to let the RFT know that you do not appreciate transphobia in their publication.

UPDATE 12/21:  Thanks to your comments, Chad Garrison has changed the headline of his post.  I hope that he will continue to educate himself on issues relevant to the trans community, so that his writing for the RFT will be more sensitive in the future.

* Thanks to Anita Fitzwater for alerting me to this post.


  1. Robyn Carolyn MontagueDecember 20, 2011 at 9:00 PM

    Thank you for posting this - Robyn

  2. I would recommend contacting Chad directly if you haven't already. I know in the past he's been pretty open to discussing criticisms.

  3. No problem, Robyn.

    @Adam: Thanks; I will do that. It does appear that he listened to the comments, as he has changed the headline of his post (though, as of this writing, the post is still tagged with the term "shemale thieves").

    As this is not the first time Chad has written something offensive, though, I think he could benefit from some sensitivity training.