Friday, December 2, 2011

Tea Party Blogger Laughs At Gateway Pundit's Defense of Ann Wagner

Darin Morley:
I saw a picture over at Big Journalism with the sub-title: "Ed Martin, left, talks with Roy Blunt" and I just had to laugh. Roy Blunt's popularity among Tea Partiers and conservatives is pretty low, so Ed Martin probably doesn't want to be seen with him and certainly hasn't been seen with him recently. In short, the photo was a nice, subtle attempt to associate Ed Martin with Roy Blunt.

Of course, there are several reasons beyond Blunt's waning popularity why Ed Martin doesn't want to be seen with Missouri's newest US Senator. First, Roy Blunt has endorsed Ed's primary opponent Ann Wagner. Second, Ann Wagner chaired Blunt's 2010 Senate campaign. And third, Roy Blunt's daughter, Amy Blunt, works for the Bespoke Group and they provided "FEC Compliance" to the Ann Wagner campaign as documented above.
He has a point. There's no question Wagner is closer to Blunt than Martin is, so Hoft's photo was pretty misleading.

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