Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Loesch Just Too Darn Principled To Work With Tea Party, Except When She's Not

The St. Louis Tea Party put out a press release today confirming what I reported yesterday: they broke up with Dana Loesch. Loesch, naturally, is convinced this proves how heroically principled she is:

Wow, she's like the William Wallace of CNN punditry! So Loesch claims she's "not keen on grassroots organizing for candidates?" I suppose that's technically true, since she seems to prefer astroturf organizing, but she certainly has been supportive of using the tea party to push for a candidate. Like when her family business took $5,000 from Ed Martin and she proceeded to ruthlessly attack his more conservative GOP primary opponent John Wayne Tucker without allowing Tucker an opportunity to respond. While she was attacking Tucker, she never once mentioned that Martin had paid her husband to make a commercial for his campaign.

And, of course, there's the fact that the St. Louis tea party appeared to have violated their 501(c)4 by using their money to support Ed Martin's candidacy with advertisements. Oh, and by systematically putting their logos on "Taypayers for Ed Martin" signs. Did Loesch complain then about organizing for a candidate? Sure didn't.

It's funny. Loesch threw the St. Louis Bloggers Guild under the bus when she no longer needed them. She threw her former website designer under the bus when she no longer needed him. She pushed Gina Loudon out of the tea party. And now she's throwing the tea party under the bus cause they're a drag on her minor celebrity status. Amazingly, it's always someone else's fault.


  1. I live in California and haven't had a lot of direct exposure to Ms. Loesch, but what I've seen of her on Twitter and occasionally on The Teevee, it appears that she's one unstable person. This development comes as no surprise.

    I know that she is a mother. I fear for her child(ren), who should not be exposed to such anger and instability.

  2. She's "not keen on grassroots organizing under a candidate" but practically took all of the credit in the NY-23rd district primary where Dee Dee Scozzafava was defeated by the Tea Party candidate. When Dee Dee threw her support behind the Democratic candidate Bill Owens, the Tea Party cried "Foul!". When Owens won the election, they just cried.

  3. "After three-and-a-half years of blood and sweat, I am finished with the St. Louis Tea Party. I'm not keen on the idea of "grassroots" organizing under a particular candidate, even "unofficially," never have been, never will be. The group has lost half its core membership after recent events, unfortunately."

    translation: does the national tea party know that Hennessy is using tea party property to support socialists? bacon Gotta catch a plane for DC..bacon...tea party is evil... bacon.. tea party has been co-opted by rinos, democrats and soros bloggers.. bacon...everyone else is to blame.. bacon.. tea party is over with anyways, so who cares nothing to see here move along.. bacon wheres jim hoft hiding? bacon bacon bacon...

  4. Dana is a user. Period.

  5. My Take on the “New” Tea Party
    There is a new Tea Party in town, The Gateway Grassroots Initiative. They claim they are a “harder, better, faster and stronger conservative grassroots movement.” What does that mean? Sounds like an ego problem.
    The Tea Party represents Patriotic Americans who are concerned about their country. Tea Party people want their leaders to follow the Constitution; they want limited Government; less taxes and for Government to be fiscally responsible. Therefore, anyone or any Candidate who possess those attributes can call themselves a Tea Party Patriot.
    “Gateway Grassroots Initiative is built around action items (T.I.P.s) with the purpose of promoting conservatism. Their mission is to attract, educate, organize, and mobilize fellow Gateway area citizens to secure a culture consistent with our three core values of fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited government, and free markets.” Wasn’t that what the Tea Party stands for?
    “Gateway Grassroots Initiative is formed around the ideal that every American citizen has the personal privilege and responsibility of becoming a “minuteman” for their country in various ways. Many are well on their way to doing this, through their blogs, to running for office, becoming a precinct captain, running for their local school board, organizing petitions, fighting for voter integrity. However, Gateway Grassroots Initiative is uninterested in endorsing or singularly promoting candidates, instead choosing to focus on ideas.” GGI calls for “minutemen” to run for public office, yet the GGI will not promote or help them get elected. So, how is that helping the Conservative movement?
    “Gateway Grassroots Initiative wants to court the liberal arts, entertainment, and Hollywood crowd. We intend to use pop culture as an ally in this fight.” How does courting the liberal arts, entertainment, and Hollywood crowd going to help the Conservative movement? If anything, the education needs to start with the children before they enter public schools, aka. indoctrination centers. There is no need to court anyone. It is better to stand on principles and have the people come to you.
    The GGI's first two initiatives are 1, starting a book club and 2, a blanket drive to keep people warm. OK? How does starting a book club or conducting a blanket drive help Constitutional, limited government, fiscally responsible candidates get elected to office or the Conservative movement? Wouldn’t it be better to have the right people in office so people have jobs and enough money to buy their own blankets?
    The goal of the Tea Party should be to support and help elect Conservative candidates who want limited government and who will follow the Constitution. Otherwise, what’s the point? In order to change the direction this country is headed we need to elect Conservative candidate