Saturday, December 3, 2011

Former Tea Party Spokesperson Says Tea Party Was Co-Opted By Ed Martin!

Jen Ennenbach, who for a long period of time was described as the "tea party's spokesperson," said on Twitter that the St. Louis Tea Party has been "hijacked" and "co-opted" by Ed Martin operatives with over-inflated egos:

As much as my natural inclinations tempt me to believe this is true, it doesn't entirely make sense. The tea party members criticizing Ann Wagner and others have not been speaking on behalf of the group, but have been making clear they're only speaking for themselves. Is Ennenbach criticizing them just for expressing their own opinions?


  1. Maybe she hates rouge? Or guys in rouge?Do they not teach spelling at tea party events? oh, wait...I no the anser to that #quston allready.

  2. Hey, Jenn, how did the Tea Party get co-opted by make-up? Seriously, Rouge?

  3. There is nothing worse than a rouge operative. We had a whole Rouge Scare in the 50s, duh!