Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Loesch Suggests Her Pundit Career Has Nothing To Do With The Tea Party

After some serious infighting, the St. Louis Tea Party put out a press release about their breakup with Dana Loesch that was fairly gracious, all things considered:
Board President Bill Hennessy said, “The St. Louis Tea Party certainly benefited from Dana’s rising stardom and talent. And we can’t help but think our energetic and effective grass roots have propelled Dana’s career. But, as a local Tea Party organization, we need to focus on the grass roots going into 2012.”

Who can really argue against that? Loesch was introduced by CNN, ABC, and pretty much everyone who gave her airtime as a leader of the tea party.

But guess what? Loesch amazingly is suggesting that her punditry career has nothing to do with the tea party. A commenter asked her where her career would be without the tea party?

And here's how Loesch responded:

Dana Loesch: all class.

For the record, Nina's comment was deleted.

Update: I deleted Nina's last name. I thought it wasn't a big deal including it because she really didn't even say anything objectionable and basically just asked a question, but apparently the Loeschbots are so nuts they pestered her even for that innocuous comment.


  1. So, Nina's comment was deleted? This from Dana in 2007, quote: "Obviously. Democrat, Republican, I will loathe you instantly when you start talking censorship."

    So Dana obviously didn't delete the comment. Nina must have removed it.

    And that newspaper column she talked about, it was called Pop Momma and she wrote sparkling gossipy crap on Brit-Brit and others. The first line in the column above said: "I’m going to begin by saying that Anne Hathaway’s dress looks like it came from Rave, the mecca of shoddy, cheap clothes at the mall."

    Yup, some really hard-core journalism there, Dana. This was also the column where you talked about "thespian(s)" who "fellate Al Gore via their acceptance speech..."

    I'm surprised the Pulitzer committee never contacted you.

  2. I'd love to know what television gig she had before the tea party. I don't think it exists. Would LOVE to see that footage Dana.

    And she did write for a few places but failed at those gigs too. Just like her first attempt a journalistic website, anti-radar, failed. Of course this is Dana we are talking about though, so none of these failures are HER fault....

  3. In the case of good ol' Dana--you're only off by two letters.

  4. Just for the record (I know you were writing tongue in cheek), I did not delete the post. My answer to her was, "You are welcome!"
    I am not surprised that she deleted it but I was kind of shocked that she went as far as to unfriend me.
    I guess she can dish it out but can't take it.