Monday, December 5, 2011

Is the Emmis Communications VP a "Money Man" For Ann Wagner?

97.1 FM host Dana Loesch is clearly supporting Ann Wagner against tea party favorite Ed Martin in Missouri's Second District GOP primary. And morning host Jamie Allman is privately defending Wagner from charges of crony capitalism. Could this have anything to do with the fact that the Vice President of Emmis Communications (which owns 97.1) John Beck has donated money to Ann Wagner and is hosting events for her?

My guess is that there are other reasons for Loesch throwing Martin under the bus, but nevertheless it's worthwhile putting this theory out there for future reference.

By the way, people who knew Loesch before she was paid to portray an "edgy goth tea partier" all said that she would throw the group under the bus as soon as it was convenient. It's starting to look like they were exactly right.

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  1. I never understood why nobody contacted Loesch's father when he practically begged to be heard years ago. He wrote how he wanted to refute her "stories" about her childhood, his absenteeism, etc.

    Dan's own father was disputing the stories she told about her childhood, etc.-thus substantiating her long history of fabricating and embellishing at other peoples expenses.