Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Gateway Astroturf Initiative Badmouthing Tea Party To Other Conservative Groups, Claiming They Have "Alchohol Problems"

Jen Ennenbach, one of the co-founders of the new Gateway Astroturf Initiative (aka GIGLI), previously wrote the following about the St. Louis Tea Party:
For a movement that screams ”transparency, transparency, transparency!!!!” I certainly see none here. I see: Executive Director who was recently seated to the Board which stroked her ego; an unemployed lawyer, Benjamin Smith Williams (aka Ben Evans), who holds his Bar in New York, not Missouri, but still likes to act as legal counsel here; a loose cannon, John Burns who has been out of the Tea Party movement for over a year; another huge-headed blogger who likes to distort truth and is too chickenshit to put his name to half of what he publishes (Darin Morely); Co-founder Bill Hennessy, standing by silently, but driving this all behind the scenes.
But it looks like what she's saying about them behind their backs is even worse. Here's a message from Ennenbach to C. Steven Tucker, a leader of the Chicago Tea Party:

So very classy of Loesch's group to publicly pretend to be staying above the fray while privately smearing their former friends.


  1. Surprised you put down that bottle long enough to post this. :p

  2. And yet Jen has the nerve to post that GGI is not a Tea Party rival group. She and Loesch have done everything in their power to upend the St. Louis Tea Party. It's absolutely amazing that both attended the November meeting and were socializing and schmoozing only to pull a back-stab two weeks later.

  3. Amazing that "anonymous" has that insight when it was very CLEARLY an inside job. WHO leaked to you Adam? Or is it just plain as day now that the St. Louis Tea Party is now co-opting with liberal progressives who have done all they could to bring them down in the past? Pathetic!

  4. Hmmm, "also anonymous" sounds a lot like someone whose name starts with a "J.'

  5. Pulled this off GIGLI Facebook: (Notice they come back hours later to clarify that Dana Loesch has not posted on the FB page, AND did not endorse the request to grow the site.) Scroll to December 18.

    Gateway Grassroots Initiative
    We are almost to 200 "likes" Next goal 500. It's time for a Saturday Share Day. Please SHARE the PAGE (scroll down on the left and click "share") on your profile page. Encourage others to like us, and grow our presence on Facebook. Thanks.
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    Gateway Grassroots Initiative The request is from Scott, Jen and Stacy of Gateway Grassroots Initiative and all agree with all the posts here.
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    Gateway Grassroots Initiative That wasn't Dana, she hasn't posted anything here. Thanks Edw.
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