Saturday, December 3, 2011

Conservatives Starting To Criticize Ed Martin's Character

Update: I wrote this before seeing a post on 24th State where the St. Louis Tea Party says they were responsible for the criticism of Ann Wagner and acted independently of Ed Martin's campaign. As I've documented, there seems to have been pretty close collaboration between the tea party and Martin in the past, so I wouldn't take the mere statement as proof, but it nevertheless is worth noting. It will also be interesting to see if Jim Hoft acknowledges it.

Nothing about Ed Martin has changed from the last election cycle; he's still just as dishonest and unscrupulous as he ever was. However, one thing that has changed is that Dana Loesch and Jim Hoft have decided to move on to the greener pastures of currying favor with Republican insider Ann Wagner, who's running against Martin in a GOP primary. And therefore many far-right conservatives who base their opinions not on what is said but rather on who said it are finally starting to realize the extent of Martin's crooked character.

Here are some great quotes from the comments on Gateway Pundit's post criticizing a typical Ed Martin attack:
Hypocritical also since Ed was so outraged that his wife’s ‘tens of thousands of dollars of stock in Exxon Mobil Corp.’ was brought up in his last election (wait second to last election – or how are we counting the switches between Senate and congress…)

Hahaha! Only in Martinbots minds would a candidate who has NEVER RUN for a race in her life be an “insider!” How many races has Martin run in? How many races has he lost or switched out of because he realized he couldn’t win?? He was chief of staff for Matt Blunt before that email scandal!! HAHAH! What a good one!
Martin’s behind the scenes smears are just as bad as what the Democrats do.
I met Ed Martin at a benefit(there was an open bar) and he was barely verbal. Make of that what you will.
I don’t get why Ed Martin hates businesses and job creators so much other than the fact they won’t give his campaign money. Not sure if he is a conservative running for Congress or the leader of Occupy Missouri 2. Oh wait forgot they’re leaderless, and that’s probably better for any movement where Ed Martin is aspiring to be their leader.
I could tell Ann is running to serve. Ed seems like he is running just to hold office-is he running for Govenor this week?????

...What did someone say, the truth will set you free. Perhaps Ed and his people should start seeking.
I used to like Ed Martin, even after the stories about the emails he deleted hit. I voted for him against Russ Carnahan in the last district. My family has since moved to Chesterfield, the district which Ed Martin is running for but doesn’t live in, and the same time I hear that he’s now also running or considering a run for the governorship? He’s not committed to the race that he’s in. I’ve also seen people behave very unconservative like online and making up stories about candidates that aren’t true but they call it vetting anyway. I attended the last, and only I think, debate with Both Ann Wagner and Ed Martin. I’m not impressed with Martin’s unprofessional way of jumping around, playing musical chairs to see which race will earn him that long awaited victory, and as a family member of an individual who, after seven months of unemployment, was just hired on at Enterprise, seeing a business that creates jobs and adds to the economy be defamed in the way that it has by this man’s campaign. It’s the height of hypocrisy to say you’re standing up for the little guy but go after the little guy employers if they don’t donate to your campaign. It’s truly a nasty thing to watch someone I once voted for lower themselves to such an unprofessional standard. I had been open to Ed Martin in my district, but seeing as he is not even committed enough to those of us that live here to move here himself, seeing also how he turns on and lies about businesses who supported him all this time, and now seeing how he may not even be running in this race, I have resolutely decided that I will be voting for Ann Wagner.
Ed Martin has a track record of being a GOP insider and the lapdog of RINOS like Matt and Roy Blunt. His sleazy antics cost the governorship of MO with email scandle and his own poor leadership and unwillingness to step up and take the blame like a man. Now Ed the perennial Republican candidate wants us to believe he is some sort of outsider? HA! How about all the big medicine money coming from his doctor friends that work at institutions that support Obamacare?
The days of Ed’s sleazy politics and left-wing OWS ideology are over, he should try to not be a politician for a while but that would be hard for a young career politician who has been a GOP insider his entire career.
Poor, poor, Ed. Ann is getting all the dough. . .shocking, after 20 years of her raising money for everyone else. . .including Martin.
Martin was foolish for jumping in Wagner’s race (as he was in the Senate, knowing full well Akin was going to run). Really, he couldn’t raise enough to beat Carnahan in the 3rd. . .there’s no way in hades he has a shot at raising enough to beat BOTH Wagner and Carnahan.
Sad. I don’t think Martin was behind the DC hack piece, but I do think he knows who is. . .some poor, pathetic dude who probably lives in his mom’s basement.

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