Friday, December 2, 2011

Is Tim Jones Threatening Paul Curtman?

After the redistricting of Missouri's state legislative seats, House Majority Leader (and famous birther) Tim Jones ended up in the same district as Paul Curtman. Curtman became a hero to the tea party for some of his comments at 2009 town halls, and I have to say that though I probably disagree with him on almost every issue, he seems like a pretty earnest guy. The Beacon quoted Jones about the situation, and it sure seemed like he added just a little too much bluster to his assessment:
Jones said Curtman has two districts that are “literally a stone’s throw away from him” that he could run in.

“He has a lot of options,” said Jones, "He and I have already spoken. He is not interested in running in a primary against the sitting majority leader who is going to be the next House speaker [and has] a half million dollars sitting in the bank. Because he wants and needs my help to retain his seat and he’s got several options open to him."

Why wouldn't Birther Tim just say that they spoke and Curtman agreed to move? Why did he feel a need to brag about his "half million dollars sitting in the bank" or imply that he could determine whether Curtman got reelected? Sure seems like a real jerk move on Jones's part.

Jones, by the way, is the successor to Steve Tilley and represents the Missouri GOP establishment that the St. Louis Tea Party says they can't stand.

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  1. Sounds like he is the successor to Tilley, in more ways than one.