Sunday, July 4, 2010

Tea Party Says Goal Is to Purge ALL Liberals from Academia and Public Office

John Burns is the anti-LGBT friend of right-wing criminals James O'Keefe and Joseph Basel who was ostensively appointed as the leader of the tea party's failed effort to oppose funding for public transportation in St. Louis. Burns claimed during that campaign that the people supporting public transportation were "socialist clowns" trying to "defeat liberty." Apparently, 63% of the population of St. Louis County are "socialist clowns." Anyway, the tea party praised Burns as a hero and was so happy with his use of dirty tactics in the Prop A campaign that they decided to also put him in charge of a "Block Captain Liberty Evangelism" program for the November elections.

So given that Burns thinks that anyone who supports public transportation is a "socialist clown," consider his claims that the goal of the tea party is to purge ALL liberals from academic institutions and from politics.

From his first explanation of the "block captain" program on Gateway Pundit's blog:
Win or lose November 2nd, we’re still fighting come November 3rd, December 3rd…until we restore the US Constitution, kick every socialist out of office across the nation, and restore the culture of liberty that our nation was founded upon.
From the second:
The overall goal of the Block Captain Revolution is to recruit, train, and deploy patriotic Block Captains and Block Captain Teams to take over every governmental institution, every institution of higher learning, every court of law, and to restore US Constitutional government to America. We will not stop at anything short of total victory.
And from the third:
The first part of making a difference is committing yourself and your family to the war until final victory. Until your local area’s government institutions from school boards, fire boards, city councils, county councils, state rep seats, state senate seats, and even dog catcher – until your local government institutions are completely dominated by friends of the Constitution and of limited government, liberty and of free markets, and until the Socialists have been driven from every university and school in this nation, your work is not done and your commitment must be strong
In other words, the tea party, which claims to be about free speech and letting conservative voices be heard, is actually about stifling free speech by purging ALL liberal ideas from public discourse. How sad that folks like Burns are so insecure in their radical conservative ideology that they think they need to remove any liberal ideas from public discourse for fear of people actually making decisions for themselves. Can you even imagine the reaction if some liberal claimed that their goal was to remove ALL conservative ideas from public discourse?

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