Friday, July 23, 2010

Dana Loesch Embarrasses St. Louis on National TV...Again

St. Louis Tea Party co-founder Dana Loesch was on Larry King last night interrupting guests, desperately trying to change the subject, and claiming that Breitbart's presentation of a clip that showed the exact opposite of what he claimed it showed, "wasn't edited." It was truly an amazingly bad performance, even by Loesch's already low standards. Here's the video:

Instead of having Loesch on next time, maybe Larry King can just prop up a big sign that says, "YOU'RE ALL MARXISTS!"


  1. No sooner does Penn start talking (18 seconds into his comments) that Dana kind of shrugs her shoulders, gives her little grin of "tee hee hee" and starts interrupting him.

    "I think she uses race to promote class warfare." WTF?

    "You do not understand economics" said the supporter of Laffer and Reganomics. "You are talking about Marxist principles."

    "And the White House jumped the gun with that and it's sad." Ah, here we have it...blame the White House!

    Even Larry King chastised her for interrupting.
    What an embarrassment.

  2. At least with all the times she's allowed to be involved with all these national shows people will see her for what she truly is, lacking in real intellectual depth and is in it for the 'fame' and all the money that 'fame' would give her

  3. I especially enjoyed Penn, about whom she has gushed on multiple occasions, laughing at her. Not with her. AT her.

    Or maybe my favorite part was when all three gentlemen were clearly amused by her, as one often is with a petulant child.

    I just can't decide.

  4. One can only hope she continues to worm her way into these national tv forums. She will eventually reveal herself for the insignificant intellectual moron that she is, and fade back into her own self-important life. Everyone on that panel could debate circles around her and once she realized it ......she went off on her own little, ridiculous tangent. She's a total embarrassment to the St. Louis community

  5. ....maybe she should have talked about her hair. She seems to do that really well, considering how much she talks and posts about it.

    The self-obsession is staggering.

  6. Why is the panel structured to exclude any actual black women? Wouldn't that be an interesting perspective to have (especially given the subject at hand)?

  7. When you are involved in a discussion with Al Sharpton and YOU look like the crazy one, it says a lot.

    She is an embarassment to womankind. Dana, you didn't even finish college, so stop acting like you know more about things than everyone else. You are one of the last people I'd take economic advise from.