Thursday, July 22, 2010

St. Louis Tea Party Leaders Claim Breitbart Was Forced to Lie About Sherrod

You probably know by now that an absolutely disgraceful episode happened this week involving serial liar Andrew Breitbart. Breitbart posted a video clip claiming that USDA employee Shirley Sherrod was "racist" because she said in the clip that she was hesitant about helping a white farmer. Shamefully, the mainstream media and the White House did not initially fact-check Breitbart's claims, and the Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack asked for Sherrod's resignation. The video, however, turned out to be a complete misrepresentation of the truth. Sherrod was telling the story to emphasize how her feelings had changed, and how she learned, "when you're poor, no one wants to help you, no matter your race." In fact, she saved the man's farm. Breitbart was engaged in shameful, despicable race-baiting based purely on lies and distortions.

However, amazingly, our local tea party is now claiming that Breitbart was "forced" to be a race-baiting pathological liar by the NAACP. St. Louis Tea Party co-founders Dana Loesch and Bill Hennessy both repeated this ridiculous assertion. Here's Loesch's claim:
Sherrod seems to be making the case that this administration and the NAACP have created an environment of hyper-racial … awareness, for the lack of a better word, antithetical to the post-racial promise upon which the admin ran – and it claimed a casualty as a result.
This is a complete and surely intentional misreading of Sherrod's quote. Sherrod was saying the reason the tea party targeted her was to try to make the NAACP look bad, not that the NAACP "had created an atmosphere of racial awareness."

Hennessy follows Loesch's lead:
But Shirley Sherrod was wronged. She was wronged by Barack Obama, the hyper-racial President who has worked overtime to create racial hostilities. She was wronged by Ben Jealous and the participants of the NAACP’s recent convention whose malicious and bigoted lies about Tea Party attendees demanded Breitbart’s (and others) search for truth.
Apparently, it was all the NAACP's fault that Hennessy called Sherrod a "filthy, disgusting woman" and a "racist:"

Get that? The tea party and Breitbart, following their never-ending quest to try to incite the white victimhood complex and use racism for political gain, goes out of their way to lie about Sherrod. And then, when they are caught in a blatant lie, they turn around and say it was all the NAACP's fault for "raising awareness" of race.

Meanwhile, fellow St. Louis tea party member Gateway Pundit must be the only person in America still calling Sherrod a "racist" even after seeing the full video:

The St. Louis tea party, over and over again, intentionally plays off the white victimhood complex to try to motivate their shrinking base. This is nothing new. But what's truly amazing is that the media is so willing to continually give them a microphone to act out their cynical nonsense, even after they are caught lying.


  1. Watching Dana on Larry King now. She is claiming Sherrod is using race to promote class welfare. And telling the Democrat she is debating that he doesn't understand economics. He's cleaning her clock. So is Al Sharpton. And the libertarian.

    OMG she just said the tape was not edited!! Dana obviously is living on a different planet. LOL