Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Loesch Falsely Claims to Have "Broken" News

At the end of last week, Dana Loesch claimed multiple times that she would be "breaking" news with St. Louis Circuit Clerk Mariano Favazza. Favazza had a story complaining that he was offered a compromise of being allowed to keep his position for 10 years before the position moved from being an elected office to being an appointed position, a change he was opposing. Loesch tweeted that she had "breaking news:"

She also posted on facebook that she was "breaking news" and claimed that it would "rock the city:"

In fact, even during the interview, she called it "breaking news."

Except that it wasn't. Loesch's interview with Favazza was on Friday, July 23, and the exact same story had been on the Post-Dispatch website the day before, June 22. So the only thing "broken" was the last shred of Loesch's credibility.

What I want to know is what Favazza, a Democrat, is doing pitching his story on her show. Appearing on Loesch's show is not exactly a good way to gain credibility for any endeavor.

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  1. This woman is a phony, serial liar that makes even Crane Durham and Randy Tobler look like centrists in comparison... and that's saying a lot. She isn't to be trusted for anything except Teabagger rallies.

    BTW, is Marc Cox's radio show (who replaced Liaresch on Sunday nights) conservative, neutral, or liberal-slanted? I would say neutral.