Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Blunt Said He Understands Tea Party Because He Used to Live Without Running Water and Insulation

Gee, you think maybe this is part of the reason why 28 tea party groups across Missouri sent out a press release making it clear that they don't endorse Roy Blunt?

Bob McCarty, the guy who interviewed Blunt, was definitely NOT happy with the answer:
Does he think tea partiers live in austere mud huts and cook over campfires? I hope that’s not the case...

I hope Congressman Blunt doesn’t think tea partiers are uneducated, toothless, blue- and brown-collar rubes who live in homes with dirt floors and only recently heard that World War II is over. If he does think that, he is wrong.
In fairness to Blunt, when you're an important D.C. insider like him, it's probably very hard to keep track of what people outside the D.C. Party circuit are like.

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  1. LOL!! This post makes me laugh. Blunt doesn't have a clue about everyday people. Great job on this!!