Friday, July 9, 2010

Dana Loesch Lies About Me...Again

A little background on what's been going on in Twitterworld over the past couple days. As I documented yesterday, Dana Loesch has been providing free air time to Republican insider candidate Ed Martin but not his primary challanger John Wayne Tucker. If she would just be honest and admit she was playing favorites with her radio show, this would not be a big deal. However, instead she ridiculously pretended that allowing Tucker on her show would be "electioneering" while having Martin on is not. And, when someone asked if Tucker Tucker asked if he could be a guest on her show yesterday, she went off on a Twitter rant about his campaign.

Aside from Loesch blocking and defriending anyone on facebook who disagreed with her, things were quiet for a while. But then I wrote my blog post pointing out that Loesch was hypocritically providing air time to one candidate but not the other while still pretending to be objective, and John Wayne Tucker retweeted it:

Well, as you might guess, that sent Loesch off into a new rage:

Her Twitter name calling and twisting of facts is nothing new, but the posts on her facebook page crossed a line:

Loesch was upset about the fact that Tucker retweeted my post. Now her name-calling like "troll" and "famehungry bottomfeeder" are nothing new, so they didn't bother me much (although Loesch calling me "famehungry" is pretty ironic). Her claims that I was "smearing conservatives" were of course not backed up with any evidence, and I contend that I support my arguments with factual evidence and generally avoid petty name-calling. However, since Loesch often doesn't even bother to research many of the things she claims, I can see why she might honestly believe that I "smear" people because she literally does not even know what the relevant facts are of many discussions and thus thinks I'm lying when I'm simply pointing out legitimate information.

But what is really a serious and outright false claim is Loesch saying that I "celebrate threats" against her. Threats are obviously completely outside the realm of acceptable discourse and I have never, would never, and will never stoop to that level. Loesch, as usual, does not provide any support for her claim. That's because she can't provide any support for her claim because it is blatantly false. In fact, it is despicable that she stoop to a level of accusing me of "threats." Not only is it a baseless, unfair attack on me personally (no matter how much she dislikes me), but it also trivializes the fact that there legitimately threatening people out in cyberspace who should be called out for their behavior.


  1. OMG. Seriously? This woman is an f-ing trainwreck. Will I delight in peering at the wreakage? You bet I will.

  2. I once had the audacity to tell her she was wrong on facebook. Within the hour I had death threats in my inbox from some weirdos that follow her - needless to say, I blocked that person and no longer follow anything this bubble head has to say.