Monday, July 26, 2010

Senator Al Franken on Why We Need Net Neutrality

I had the pleasure of watching this in person at Netroots Nations in Las Vegas last weekend. Franken gave a fantastic argument for why Net Neutrality is the "First Amendment Issue of Our Time." You can watch excerpts here:


  1. Senator Franken is absolutely right about Net Neutrality. I am not as sure that the merger is so important if net neutrality exist.

    The fact is the internet is the most efficient market place that has ever existed in history. Consumers have great access to information and can find and use providers of goods and services regardless of size.

    The internet with net neutrality is the closest thing to the free market that Adam Smith theorized. Without net neutrality there is no free market because it requires equal access to information.

  2. I agree and this is one of the reasons that I wish that Franken was from Missouri.