Monday, July 26, 2010

Ensuring Liberty Claimed, in May, that Caucus Members Would Be Announced "Soon"

I wrote last week about how the much-hyped Ensuring Liberty Caucus, created by St. Louis tea partiers Bill Hennessy and John Loudon, among others, appears to be a huge failure. Well, I just stumbled across some new information that supports that claim: back when the website was first created, they put up a page for the "caucus" (supposedly members of the House of Representatives) and said that members would be identified "soon!"

Well, guess what? I just checked out the page, and it looks exactly the same now, 2 months later. It looks like Michelle Bachman really did stab the tea party in the back when she created her tea party PAC. I've noticed online that several prominent tea partiers have accused Bachman of "co-opting" the tea party movement with the PAC, but you wouldn't have known that from Dana Loesch's sycophantic interview with Bachman. We already knew that Loesch was happy to personally gain financially from supporting GOP insider candidates, but it's interesting that she couldn't even speak up on behalf of her fellow St. Louis tea partier's project Ensuring Liberty when she spoke with Bachman.

Finally, one other interesting note: after I wrote my last post pointing out that Ensuring Liberty hadn't updated their facebook page since June 19 and their Twitter account since June 16, they finally put up new information on both on July 19, just two days after my post.

Very nice to see that they are so concerned with criticism from my blog! Since you are heeding my advice so carefully, oh facebook page admins for Ensuring Liberty, would you mind also trying a new strategy of posting something that's true? Just a thought.

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