Wednesday, July 28, 2010

28 Tea Party Groups Oppose Blunt: Astroturf St. Louis Tea Party Not Among Them

As reported by FiredUp Missouri, Michelle Bachmann is coming to St. Louis this weekend to campaign for Roy Blunt. Many tea parties across the state have reacted with outrage, saying that they are "shocked." Here's the full quote from Franklin County Tea Party leader Jebidiah Smith:
Roy Blunt voted for TARP and Cash for Clunkers. For Michele Bachmann to come to Missouri and give the impression that all the Missouri Tea Parties support Roy Blunt is an abomination of everything we have been standing up for.
The full press release lists the following groups as having signed on to the letter:
Branson Tea Party Coalition
Buffalo Tea Party
Callaway Tea Party
Cape County Tea Party
Cass County
Cassville Tea Party
Cooper County Tea Party
Eureka Tea Party
Franklin County Patriots
In God We Trust PAC
In God We Trust Tea Party, SW MO
Jefferson County Tea Party
Johnson County Patriots
K & N Patriots (O’Fallon)
MID MO 9/12 Patriots
Missouri As A Mom
*Missouri Sovereignty Project
Patriots of the Constitution (Salem)
St. Joseph Tea Party
Show Me Patriots, Greater St. Louis Area
Sikeston Tea Party
Springfield 912ers
Springfield MO Tea Party
Sullivan 912 Group (50), Sandra Davidson
SW MO Conservative Network (Joplin)
We Surround Them 912 Project, Jefferson Cnty & S. St. Louis Cnty
We The People . . . St. Francois County
912 We The People of Monroe County MO
Notably absent is the St. Louis Tea Party, who as I've pointed out many times, threatened to "go after" Blunt if he didn't support Doug Hoffman in New York 23 but then were too cowardly to do anything when Blunt completely brushed off their threat. The St. Louis Tea Party is different from most other tea parties in many ways: one of which is that they are more willing to simply be an arm of the Republican Party establisment rather than a group that actually demands that Republicans live by their stated values. Perhaps that's why they brag about ostracizing any fellow conservatives who ask questions about their group.

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