Friday, July 9, 2010

St. Louis Tea Party Stifles Conservative Dissent

The St. Louis Tea Party leadership has a long history of bullying any conservatives who dare to ask questions about the group. When conservative radio host Jamie Allman asked if they had been hijacked by the Republican Party, Tea Party co-founder Bill Hennessy responded by calling Allman "talk radio's stammering, pausing idiot." When the Hillbllly Logic crew asked questions about the tea party leadership, Dana Loesch's response was basically, "nyah, nyah, I'm more famous than you so don't have to address any of your points." Basically, except that she was a lot more nasty than that:
Six years and you're still not on air anywhere? If that doesn't tell you anything, I don't know what will. I don't have time for false patriots who defame others and you can stop with the defamatory "vested interest" crap - you're the one who ran your mouth and couldn't cash it.
Yesterday, as I documented, Loesch went on a rant against John Wayne Tucker, the Republican primary challenger of GOP insider Ed Martin, for asking if he could be on her show after someone suggested that he should be a guest on her show. Loesch pathetically claimed to not be playing favorites, but regularly gave free air time to Ed Martin while claiming that Tucker would have to pay to be able to "electioneer" (her word) by appearing on her show. When some of Tucker's supporters spoke up, Loesch did what she always does: she insulted them and took steps to ensure that there could not be a public debate. Here's how she responded to conservative talk show host Super Dave:

He went on to explain the crux of the interaction:

John Wayne Tucker also spoke out in favor of a genuine debate:

Of course, Loesch was having none of this "both sides" or "asking questions" stuff. She responded with a long Twitter rant against Tucker, which I'll document in a later post. The St. Louis tea party has shown time and time again that they're only for free speech if it means them being allowed to speak on the Chris Matthews or Larry King Show. They certainly aren't in favor of free speech across the political spectrum, and, in fact, aren't even in favor of allowing debate with people who share the same values they claim to endorse.

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